Review: Player's Handbook Heroes, Set 1

Got a case of each set in the mail today and just cracked them out. Most of them look really good, with the exception of the male human fighter and male human barbarian: fighter's sword looks to tiny and flimsy (plus the color scheme just sucks), and the colors on the barbarian look too solid and flat.
A simple ink wash would have done a lot to bring out some details without adding too much work to the paint job, in my opinion. Its easy enough to do that I'm just going to do it myself, but frankly the other stuff in the pack makes up for it.
The only other figure that gets any complaints from me is the male human wizard since I think that the yellow scheme likewise looks really bad.

I havent gone through the power cards yet. They're a nice addition but I dont think for a second that you "need" them at all. The ones I could see through the packaging looked interesting, a few tempting, but I dont feel like that my character would be gimped without them: chilling cloud is a wizard at-will that imposes an attack penalty to creatures caught in the area, knockdown assault is a fighter at-will that lets you prone a creature you hit, and cutting words is a bard at-will that deals psychic damage and pulls a creature.
As you know, each set gets three, and while a lot of them seem to be new level 1 at-wills, there's supposed to other types and frequencies as well.

Otherwise, its a solid deal. I'm happy with my purchase, and even some of the ones that I thought looked bad came out a lot better (male dwarf paladin, for one). Hopefully we see a tiefling with a polearm in the next set so I have something remotely similar to Kobal. For now, I got a good one for my tiefling fire-based wizard, and the half-elf warlock fighter might make a good swordmage.

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