Previews for April and Beyond

Like, next week Arcane Power is coming out, but that wont stop Wizards from dropping a preview for a pair of magical tomes to get me even more worked up to the point where I want to abandon my dwarf shaman in favor of anything-that-is-a-wizard. I already like the new summoning rules, and it looks like a tome wizard is going to be the build of choice: tome of binding lets you add your Con modifier to damage when the summoned creature attacks.
Plus, magic tomes let you augment your summons even further. The tome of forty steps auto-boosts your summon's Speed, but you can also burn an item daily to get an extra move action. This is likely the tip of the iceberg, and I'm eager to see whatever nifty bonuses tomes can roll onto summons.

Tomes arent just for summoners, however. Tome of readiness lets you store a wizard attack power that you can swap out once per encounter, and the book of undeniable fire looks great for fire-using wizards (as if they dont get enough love with Hellfire Blood and Irresistible Flame). Its logical since last time I saw fire ranked up at the top for "monsters that resist/or are immune to me". The book reduces fire resistance by 10, up to 30, and contains extra fire-themed wizard spells that you can to your existing spellbook. The main benefit of this, however, is that you can burn an item daily to swap out one of your prepared wizard spells for whatever one is in the book of an equal or lower level. Its even more versatility on-the-fly.

Other than that there are a couple of epic-tier adventures that I dont care about since I'm not high enough level to use them, and a few previews for Arcane Heroes and Monster Manual 2. I dont care for the bonded summoner reprint, mostly cause I dont like yellow, but the other two look alright to me. I like the "normal" green slime (as in, not an elite or solo), and I plan to drop a couple of those into my first few heroic adventures for my group when I start Songs of Erui, mostly because most of my group will have no fucking clue what they are.

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