Archlich Is (Not) Fail?

Apparently the archlich is broken. Or its too powerful? I know a lot of people are clamoring from both sides of the fence, but I think I'll just stick to the fence and actually, you know, try it before picking a side.

I actually didnt notice when I read the excerpt, but I guess that purely as written the archlich immediately crumbles to dust at 0 hit points. Immediately. You dont get any death saves, you dont get any chance to get a healing surge in, nothing. Add to the mix that Mastery over Death only triggers when you actually die, which occurs at negative hit points equal to half your total. Basically, unless a monster deals a retarded amount of damage, there is just no way this is ever going to happen.

I mean, Orcus cant even do this with his attack that deals half your total hit point damage to you, even if you were at 1 hit point.

I guess when I read the article that my brain just interpreted everything in the way it was intended: if you die-die, you crumble to dust, but at level 24 you can instead just empower yourself once per day. Obviously it was not the intent of the designer to create an epic destiny that could not in fact use one or more of its features. This is a pretty simple and obvious "fix" that I'm more than happy to use, since thats the way I was going to use it.

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