Blog Archive Update

Okay, so I managed to basically recover everything except for the posts with the second and third encounters of my monk playtest. Other than that, the only thing I am missing are the comments since the export doesnt save those. Damn shame, since I really enjoyed the comment trees on some of them.


  1. Its a shame but! new beginnings are always good

  2. Was surprised when I couldn't find Points of Light where it had been. Good to find it again.

    What happened?

  3. Yeah, I ended up finding a Google cache of an old post, clicking on your (Antioch's) bio link, then clicking the link from there.

    ...I'm not a stalker, I promise. Anyway, any hope there'll at least be a link from the old URL eventually? For those who don't have the energy for detective work?

    And yeah, may I ask what happened?

  4. Red Jason, one of the former contributors, deleted the old blog. Luckily I had a backup archive of almost everything and Dave from RPG Bloggers found the two posts I was missing. Once we are back on RPG Bloggers I'll post an update so everyone can easily find it.

    Sorry about the mess, but everything will be fine from here on out! ^_^


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