Dragon 376: Ampersand

Oh, Dragon, how you have failed me. Ampersand and Editorial articles have, ironically, usually been the greatest source of joy for me when it comes to Dragon. Sure, the other articles are nice and all, but they often put in a lot of cool shit into the monthly openers.

Until now.

Aside from a handful of things that are mentioned only briefly, I dont care about anything else on the list:
  • Revenant is a new race.
  • Assassin (and associated power source) will debut in September.
  • PH3 content will start getting posted in July. Feel free to start complaining that, "you're just paying for the same shit twice a dur dur duuuurrr."
  • Dragon Annual is in fact coming out, despite beliefs to the contrary.
Aaand thats a wrap. There is a list of panels at GenCon, but I dont go to GenCon, so I dont really care. Whelp, lets see how the Editorial fares...

...and survey says no. Its basically the author talking about how to play a character that does potentially annoying/bad things, without fucking over the party/pissing everyone off. Kind of like how I played a barbarian in Diablo 2: whirlwind attack through hordes of monsters to every evil urn I could find, and trigger them before we killed the rest of the monsters.

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