D&D Insider Announcement

If you already have a DDI account, this probably isnt news to you assuming that you check your email. If not, then you might have missed this. Basically, starting in July they are going to start posting up complete and playable portions of Player's Handbook 3, up until its eventual release in March. In the end what this means is that you'll end up with over 100 pages of content before the book even hits the shelves.

Of course, part of this major shift in content is that they'll also be jacking up the price by I think two bucks a month (less if you go with longer packages).

In the long run, this means that if you like to go with the year subscription that you'll be shelling out around another $10 in total, since I believe that now it costs around $60 and the new one is just over $70. Anyway, its not that big of a deal, but I know people are going to get severely pissed at the fact that they will be, "paying for shit that they will have to pay for next year again." I dont mind too much. I like me some preview content, and I'm glad that I'm actually using the shit that I'm paying for, unlike with other gaming periodicals.

Shifting tangents, I'm excited about PH3 to a point. Its going to have psionic classes, which are always good, but have some more divine classes, which I dont much care for. That is not to say that they are bad, per se, just that divine is the least appealing power source for me. Oh well, at least primal gets a booster shot of content, so thats a plus.

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