Second Opinion on Dangerous Delves

As a disclaimer, this isnt me changing my opinion about Dangerous Delves so much as its me continuing my last review, since a case of eight packs got delivered about 20 minutes ago. I'm curious to see if my expectations hold up from yesterday. I guess if you order the 8-pack, they make sure to pitch you one booster with a different visible, meaning that I'm now the proud owner of like, three fucking slime magi. I'll have to keep that in mind for future reference...

Anyway, here's what I got:
  • 1 Skalmad, the troll king
  • 1 cyclops crusher
  • 2 grimlock minions
  • 1 yaun-ti fangblade
  • 1 aboleth slime mage
  • 1 clay golem
  • 1 unicorn
  • 1 rust monster
  • 1 feygrove choker
  • 1 war devil
  • 1 hippogriff
  • 1 hellstinger scorpion
  • 1 bonechill chimera
  • 1 frost giant
  • 1 foulspawn grue
  • 1 orc eye of Gruumsh
  • 1 Xen'drik drow stingblade
  • 2 blood scarabs
  • 1 berbalang
  • 1 goblin delver
  • 1 kobold wyrmpriest
  • 2 goblin sharpshooter
  • 2 kruthik young
  • 2 snake swarms
  • 1 harpy
  • 2 bloodseeker drakes
  • 1 aspect of Vecna
  • 1 bladerager troll
  • 2 orc terrorblades
  • 1 arbalest
  • 1 gnoll huntmaster
  • 1 githzerai zerth
Which combined with the 16 I got yesterday, means that I am six short of the entire set. I'm still pleased with the price-to-quality ratio. I shelled out about $3 per mini, and considering that I would fully expect to pay ten or more for the Large ones, I think its a steal. Didnt have to do shit except pay far less than I would have to just get the minis unpainted and unassembled, and they are way more durable than the do-it-yourself fare. If I drop my clay golem, no harm done. If I drop my soul grinder? Well...fuck.

The best part is that I dont have to get minis from Reaper or wherever that look "close enough', get them all setup, an then remind the players what they are. I mean, I already have to do that in some cases, but I didnt pay way more just to get a proxy. I can count on the fact that in most cases, what I need has a mini that is at least of the same monster type. I might not have a cyclops that matches perfectly, but I do have a few on hand.

Nothing being perfect, I have a few more nitpicks to add to the list from yesterday.
  • War devil looks a bit...cartoony and flat. More colors or an ink wash would help out, but overall I think its a below-average sculpt. It is a visible, however, so its easy to just not buy it.
  • The bladerager troll could have used some drybrushed metal on the armor plating. Not a full layer, which would look to clean. Drybrushing it would give it a metallic-yet-dirty look, which I think would great.
  • I can see more detail on the yaun-ti fangblade that I got this time. Since I only have two, I cant be sure which is the accident.
  • I dont particularly care for the beetles humping rocks, but at least there is a common medium beetle that I can use.
  • There are some slight paint splashes on the commons (again, grimlock minion). This is what I'd expect from anyone trying to hurredly paint a shitload of mooks, however.
Other than that, looks good. They're very cheap to buy, and very functional.

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