Playtest: Archivist

Victor is the man responsible for the new look for this blog, but he's done a lot of work besides just that. He often contacts me with questions concerning mechanics and concepts, and I'm only too happy to oblige and pitch in my two cents. His latest endeavor is converting the archivist class (Heroes of Horror) to 4th Edition standards.

Its not really a playtest at all, as Victor has essentially completed the class sans class-specific feats and related magic items. It otherwise is a finished and functional class that extends up to level 30 (and as of this writing he is adding in at least two paragon paths). My main criticism is that there isnt a consistent healing ability built into the class: you have to choose whether to be able to heal your allies or boost their attacks or defenses.
Personally, I would like to see beacon of healing available to all archivists and then make give a choice of class features that would either boost the party's offensive or defensive output.

Despite all that I'm rather pleased overall with the class. Unlike all the other divine characters, an archivist doesnt worship deities in exchange for power, but rather is able to cull power from ancient scriptures and tablets that she finds. Its a rather ambitious project, especially for one person. I'm not sure in the end how balanced it is, but its got a solid theme and seems unique enough from the cleric and wizard that it would certainly stand on its own.

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  1. I believe that this class is the best if you want or have a player that wants to play a divine character in Athas. A player of mine keeps insisting in letting her use this class in our upcoming Dark Sun Campaign. Perhaps i should updated it with more thematic powers...


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