Homebrew: Living Fireball Concept

Here is a rough for the living fireball monster. I see that a lot of ooze-types are pegged as elites, but this is something that I could see arcanists creating/controlling, so wanted to make sure it could fit as part of another encounter easily. I'm going to make an elite version, but for now I wanted to get some feedback on a more basic iteration.


  1. It's okay, but rather uninteresting. It only barely constitutes a controller by having the close blast attack. I would give it something else that makes it more interesting, so its presence in an encounter is better felt. Perhaps a burning aura in a close burst 3 around itself? It is a fireball, after all, which is a burst 3 attack. Even if it only does a small bit of damage (4 is its hard-number bonus to damage, so maybe that?) it would make it a more interesting opponent.

  2. Good call. I have quite a few other fireball variants typed up, but wanted to have a common ground to work with, so want a GOOD start. :-)

  3. I agree with the notion of giving the Living Fireball some sort of fire based aura.

    Also, have you considered making this a brute rather than a controller?

    I mean, controller seems like it would fit a living lightning bolt more : )

  4. I've been liking the concept of your living 'spells'.

    One thing I think might shake up the creature a bit is make the standard attack a reach 2 strike (I'm thinking a tendril of hot fiery plasma). Then beef up the close blast damage a little (or bonus to hit) and make the power a recharge (50-50 might work).

    You have a living spell that can zip around, whip out attacks while at a slight range, and singe things that get a little too close.

  5. I cannot take credit for living spells, as they appeared in Eberron Campaign Setting and Monster Manual 3, recently making a debut in Khyber's Harvest on Free RPG Day.
    That being said, the basic living fireball is a controller, and I didnt want to make it highly mobile or useful in close-combat. It sucks in melee, but I gave it a damaging aura if you get too close. The basic idea is to not cluster around it, but spread out and try to take it out from a distance.
    That being said, I've made five variants that I will post once I get them finalized.


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