Mind Flayer Race

A mind flayer race that I made when 4E was launched. I based its mind blast on the dragonborn breath weapon, since they're both area-effect attacks that target a non-AC defense.


  1. I think that the tentacles are waaay underpowered. The only thing that they have is 'ok' accuracy, but crap for damage. I think that it should be able to grab on a hit, not taking up your hands at the same time. That way it would be usefull to any characters that actually use strength and dexterity.

  2. Also, why Normal vision for an Underdark dweller?

    Another thing: How do you explain good ilithids? I can think of two things: Drizzt syndrome (highly unlikely) or a faulty implantation. I suppose it can be used for someone who was VERY badly warped by the Far Realm.

    Other than that, it looks awesome. I think that a Mind Flayer shadowy rogue would be really awesome.

  3. Oh, and Wisdom should be a flex stat for Charisma. Add to Mind Blast.

  4. Oh, wow. This is /really/ old, and I agree on all of your points.

    I had not even noticed that I left its vision "normal". I agree that it should have Charisma as a flex-stat (though this was written before they started doing that), and I recall making a series of race-feats for them that allowed you to grab someone on a hit.

    As for good illithids? Eh, could work for an evil campaign. I ran one back in 3rd Edition using Savage Species.

  5. Yeah, I wrote all of this right before I saw the feats. I still think that the grab should be rolled into the power, because it is a pretty much featureless race. Psychic resistance, a Mind Blase 1/encounter, and a terrible tentacles attack. The grab should be rolled in.

    At least there are house rules. Oh wait, this entire RACE is house ruled.

  6. None of the feats allow you to grab. It deals automatic damage when you grab or sustain a grab.


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