July Updates

Player's Handbook, Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, and Martial Power have all received some updates ranging from minor to major.

Battlerager fighter's no longer get to stack temporary hit points (MP, pg 6). I'm sure this is going to piss off a lot of players, but honestly I felt this was incredibly overpowered since it did negate many attacks (especially from minions).

Dual strike (MP, pg 7) gets revamped so that now you can not attack the same creature twice, where before you had to attack the same creature. It states that it clarifies the Hit line so that you dont get to add your Strength modifier to damage, but the original power didnt allow for this, either.
While I understand that the revision helps avoid the fighter inflicting "striker" level damage with this power, fighters do not have a striker bonus mechanic, so frankly I dont think it was necessary. Oh well, I'm sure Josh will appreciate this, since he has brought it up on multiple occasions.

Channel Divinity: Righteous Rage of Tempus (FRPG, pg 136), aside from having the longest goddamn name for a feat, has also been the subject of much criticism since it makes any hit into an automatic crit. Obviously, this is an excellent ability to roll onto a daily just for shits and giggles, and thankfully I've yet to run a Realms game just to see how/if it would get abused.
Now? Its still good, adding on a bucket of damage dice as if you did crit, and if you actually crit all your damage gets maximized. So...still too good? Not sure. If I ever run Forgotten Realms, and if a player worships Tempus, and takes the feat, I'll see.

Rain of Blows (PH, pg 79) gets changed so that you no longer add your Strength modifier as extra damage, and the wording gets altered a bit. Mostly its just going to deal less damage, so...yeah.

Guileful Switch (MP, pg 107) gets changed so that you must use if before you do anything, but otherwise functions the same.


  1. See...my logic surrounding the Tempest Fighter is that they should be a whirling thicket of blades that marks everything around it, making it a flavorful Defender class.

    It's the Striker's job to pick one target and hit it for as much damage as possible...Dual Strike in it's former iteration just made it feel like TWF Ranger Lite.

  2. Not saying its a bad thing. XD However, it looks like they agreed with your sentiments.


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