Divine Power Pre-Release, Part 2

Not a huge update, just whatever I could find on the thread before I had to head off to work.

Okay, divine sanction is a mark effect that compliments divine challenge. A paladin can use divine challenge to mark a foe, and then use a power to trigger divine sanction. Specific powers allow a paladin to roll it onto a monster, and in this way it functions in a similar manner to how a fighter marks. You can also opt to swap out lay on hands for ardent vow, which lets you deal damage and apply divine sanction a number of times each day equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Trumpet the star's fall is a level 5 daily for the invoker that deals 2d6 fire and radiant damage, knocks the targets prone, and creates a zone of smoke that makes everything inside heavily obscured.

Power of Death domain feat gives you a bonus to Religion, and when you use enfeebling strike, radiant vengeance, righteous brand, or visions of blood you deal +2 damage.

Power of Life domain feat gives you a bonus on Heal, and when you use avenging light, bolstering strike, astral seal, or radiant vengeance and hit an enemy, an ally gains 3 thp.

Seldarine Dedicate paragon path lets you use short- and longbows as implements, but you dont use their range. You also have to be an elf or an eladrin to pick it up.

Dervish of Dawn gets +2 to all defenses when using an encounter/daily that has the Radiant keyword. If you get bloodied, you can use Channel Divinity again. Finally, as a daily stance you heal hit points equal to your Wisdom score every time you hit your target.

Watchful Shepherd is a defensive avenger path that lets you heal yourself when using an action point, heal other allies when you burn healing surges, has encounter powers that deal damage to enemies if they attack you or your allies, and a daily stance that gives you +2 to your defenses.

Avatar of War
, which I am guessing is an epic destiny, gets to deal +25 damage on the first attack during an encounter, and never grants Combat Advantage.

Exalted Angel gives you wings and "angelic qualities".

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