DDM: Divine Heroes 2

The first sneak peak at the second set of Divine Heroes is up, giving us a warforged cleric, male human paladin, and female human avenger (complete with the power card for her new at-will, focused fury).
  • At a glance, the warforged cleric looks rather plain. Looks like he is thematically tied to a deity of the forge, but...meh. Too much flat color for my taste.
  • The male human paladin looks to evil, with his red and black armor and shield bearing some kind of draconic skull. Not sure at this point what it most likely is. Looks okay, but again the colors look a bit flat.
  • Finally, the female human avenger is a reskin of the kalashtar bodyguard from Night Below. I didnt really like her then, and I dont particularly care for her now.
This set garners an apathetic meh, but I'll see what it looks like in person before making a call. I was surprised with a lot of the stuff in the first run of Player's Handbook Heroes, after all.

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