Excerpts: EPG Rituals

Nothing much to write home about, here. Just a list of rituals in Eberron Player's Guide, with writeups for two of them.

Fluid Funds lets you drop shit into a coffer and have it transform into whatever types of coins you want. The ritual specifies changing art, gems, and silver into gold pieces, but I'm assuming that it lets you exchange items for any combination of coins that totals the item's value.
Strangely, it doesnt affect magic items or "mundane" equipment. I can understand magical goods, but I'm going to immediately houserule that you can swap out non-magical loot (for the item's sale price, of course).

You need the Mark of Warding to master and use this ritual, which they also preview.

Mark of Warding
When you use a power that grants a bonus to a defense, it increases by 1. When you mark an enemy, it takes a -3 to attack rolls instead of a -2. Finally, you can master and use rituals in the warding category, as well as Fluid Funds, Knock, and Leomund's Secret Chest.

Fantastic Recuperation lets you take an extended rest in only an hour's time (instead of the normal six). You can only use it when you could take an extended rest. It runs 3,600 gp up until epic tier when it costs 9,000 gp, and finally tops out at 45,000 gp per use at level 26. Cripes.

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