Excerpt: Favored Soul

You can finally download the article. The favored soul is an avenger paragon path that basically turns you into an angel as you level up. You gain wings at level 16, which is the highlight of the class and starts to set the benchmark for a static flight speed.

You can burn an action point to do something and let an ally burn a healing surge and you gain a bonus to defenses when your hp is maxed out. Radiant rush works on your enmity target, dealing damage with a push and daze, and you can use it while charging. Celestial skirmish (level 20 daily) is pretty brutal, boosting your fly speed by 2, giving you +6 against opportunity attacks, and allowing you to make three attacks against separate targets with increasing returns the more you successfully land a hit.

The only issue I noticed from a purely mechanical standpoint was that you gain flight at level 16, but wings of angels (level 12 utility) increases your flight speed by 4. Since you technically dont even have a fly speed listed at all, I'm inclined to think that this by the rules shouldnt work. Oh well, if players cannot get a power that grants flight before then, I'll just let them walk with a Speed of 4.

Aside from that minor molehill (that I'm sure has been made into several mountain ranges on the forums), looks good. Its one of those "duuuh" things that I didnt think about, having a divine character gain the qualities of an angel. Its like they took the angelic avenger (PH, pg 73) and cranked it up to 11.

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