July's Calendar

New pricing for DDI goes into effect on July 2nd, so if you want another year at a reduced cost get it in before then. July looks to be a tiny, tiny month, since the lack of Friday content means that there is a wide gulf between now and the psion debut (not a playtest), due for the first Monday.

Thats really all we have to look forward to that day, but since its supposed to be the finalized version I guess I'll live with it (and try it out). There is a mystery Class Acts article, Familiars of Eberron, a bestiary to shoehorn the Legendary Evils minis that arent actual monsters into the game, something called Airspur, and finally Disciples of Vengeance.

I can say that I'm looking forward to Familiars of Eberron and the psion, and since I'm still only paying $5/month its good enough for me considering that it'll be out in time for an Eberron campaign set in the Shadow Marches (which will demand a lot from the article on fell taints).


  1. I bit the bullet and subscribed yesterday. Just getting thru some of the Dragon content and have yet to play with the character tools.

  2. You will readily enjoy the Character Builder. Me and Josh (Shazbot) make characters all the fucking time, just to make them. XD

  3. Airspur is the capital of Akanul in the Realms.


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