Killing Other Sources And Taking Its Stuff

I want to thank CharlieAmra for recommending The Waterborn and Black God. I've only started on The Waterborn (almost halfway through), but its given me a LOT of ideas for Songs of Erui, especially the content on spirits and how they integrate themselves with humans, for good or ill.
I just wish that I'd been able to read it before I even started on the campaign, since I would have been able to emphasize those elements a lot sooner and in a much clearer way. Thankfully, the campaign has just started, so I can work to add it in more for future sessions.

That being said, I'm working on an Eberron campaign with lots of aberrant stuff, so if anyone has recommendations in that regard, lemme know as soon as possible!


  1. Though my current campaign is still mid-heroic, I've begun planning my next one . . . an aberrant heavy Eberron campaign, as well.

    If I come across anything worthwhile, I will send it your way.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the books. And if you liked those, he wrote a series of short stories set in that world (The Hounds of Ash) about a Mang shaman named Fool Wolf (who is housing a demon in his "mansion of bones"). I think the sorcerer Lepp Gaz would make an awesome and unique villian.

  3. I have to second the recommendation of The Hounds of Ash. The stories were originally published in Dragon. That's where I first encountered Gregory Keyes and that world of his. Fool Wolf is the most amazing anti-hero and Keyes world building is simply stunning.

  4. I went to Borders and they had NOTHING there, so I guess its off to Powells. If that fails, then I'll have to fallback on Amazon and wait.


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