Assassin Class and Assassin Feats

Awhile back, we got an assortment of assassin stuff in a Dragon article. It provided some thematic backgrounds, a shitload of feats, a few paragon paths, and a handful of tools like the garotte wire, blowgun, and crowbar.

Most of the feats were Multiclass feats that made you really badass with the new weapons, or let you swap out powers for some more assassin-type ones. Others were more generic feats that made you better with poison, or other thematic things (like teleport after killing something, for eladrin). Basically, the entire article was about giving expressly non-assassins some assassin love. It wasnt a complete class, but more along the lines of in-depth multiclassing features like we see in Martial Power, where you can take lots of feats to gain class features from existing classes.

Since the new article is about an entire class, I expect to entire fucking class. Not an assortment of feats that lets you dip into the concept, but a class that embraces it in its entirety. More than just being alright with a garotte wire, or being resistant to poisons. This whole setup doesnt bug me at all. I like being able to add a bit of assassin flavor to any class I feel like, but if I want to go the distance I can just play the real deal. Its a degree of flexiblity that can help out a character concept.


  1. I've been hearing rumors that this is going to be an exclusive content for subscribers that won't be printed anywhere else.

    Is this true?

  2. @Questing GM, yup that's right. I'm glad i've been a subsciber even with just the content up till now; it came in at half the price of a WoW subsciption, but my time spent on DnD seems not to be as wasteful as all the solo grinding i was doing in the barrens while listening to Chuck Noris jokes. When i heard that more exclusive content, the new class and the new race would be available to only us subscribers i didn't really care about the 3$ price hike. It sounds great to me.

  3. Its really not that different from how it is, now. DDI subscribers get access to feats, Playing Race articles, and more that dont end up in the books. They just upped the ante by tossing in an entire class.


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