Homebrew: Living Magic Missiles

I made mention that Khyber's Harvest includes a living darkness monster, and also mentioned a living magic missile. So, here are three of them. I made them all very low level since, well, magic missile is a 1st-level spell. Makes sense, and you can add them in with other low-level magic users as support (the salvo is good enough to support the level 4 human caster in Monster Manual). Quick note: I reduced the hit points of the living magic missile and living magic missile salvo by a bit, since I'm a fan of reducing hit points by a bit (and swarms really suck).

Motes are minions. They basically smash into you, and are good at zipping across the battlefield and battering into other creatures, which is what I wanted to emphasize: sentient bolts of arcane force launching themselves at targets.

Same thing as the mote, but with hit points and can knock you prone if they charge you.

This is something that I created after recalling how you could fire multiple missiles in 3rd Edition. You technically cannot in 4th Edition without the right stuff, but I still like it so whatever. Maybe I'll create a higher level wizard encounter power that lets you unleash a torrent of arcane missiles, so there.


  1. Good stuff. And do not forget the 1st level Daily Arcane Fury which is a stance that allows you to cast magic missile as a minor action.

  2. I did not know about that. Thats awesome!

  3. I want to run a low-level mournland adventure in Eberron, converting Shadows of the Last War. I think these will help, but do you have any other advice?

  4. You could also use these: http://daegames.blogspot.com/search/label/living%20spell (updated versions for DDI are here http://daegames.blogspot.com/2011/09/living-spell-six-pack.html).

    I have not read Shadows of the Last War in forever, but for more general 4E advice I found that reducing hit points by about half made the game go a lot faster, as can "theater of the mind" play.

  5. I've been using 'Theatre of the Mind' play in a lot of sessions, and the last two sessions in which I used it were some of the best I've ever played in my 2-3 years of tabletop gaming.


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