Divine Power Pre-release

I was beginning to think that no one would get it early, but RPG.net doesnt fail.

Avengers get censure of unity as their new build feature, which grants a +1 bonus to damage for each ally next to your oath of enmity target.
At-wills are bond of censure and leading strike.
Bond of censure
is a ranged Wisdom vs. Will attack that lets you pull the target a number of squares equal to your Int mod, dealing radiant damage if they end next to you. Also, you can roll twice if they are your oath of enmity target and there arent any other enemies adjacent.
Leading strike is a melee Wisdom vs. AC attack that deals weapon damage and grants an adjacent ally a damage bonus equal to your Int mod against the same target.

The featured paragon path is ardent champion, which lets you crit if both attack rolls result in the same value (except double 1s), shift-or-save when you burn an action point, and shift and make another basic attack if you crit your oath of enmity target.
Fanatical flurry is a close burst 2 attack that deals double-weapon damage, but you take a defense penalty. Battle rapture is a stance that lets you deal 1d10 + half-level bonus damage against your enmity target, but you take 3d6 damage if an ally hits it. Finally, irresistible ardor is a melee daily that deals quad-weapon damage and you recharge a spend encounter power used during this encounter.

Paladins, on the other hand, get some nifty additions. Chaladins rejoice.
Virtuous strike is a radiant Charisma attack that works as a melee basic attack and grants a +2 to saves.
Ardent strike is a Strength-or-Charisma vs. AC attack that can be used on charges and also imposes divine sanction.

Divine Sanction is similar to divine challenge, but it doesnt need to be maintained by standing close/attacking the marked critter. The damage is still based off of Charisma. I guess you lose lay on hands, instead getting ardent vow, which seems to have the same limitations (Wis modifier) but deals bonus damage against a sanctioned target (and each time the target is hit, they get sanctioned again?). No mention of how the sanction goes away, if at all, during the encounter.

Clerics get recovery strike, which is a melee weapon attack that restores Charisma mod hit points. Astral seal is a ranged attack that imposes a defense penalty and heals the next ally that hits the target (doesnt seem to deal damage on its own).

Invokers get hand of radiance, which hits 1-3 targets and deals 1d4 + Wisdom mod damage. Mantle of the infidel has a range of 20, deals 1d6 + Wis mod damage, and doubles the attack penalt from a mark if the target is currently marked. Finally, visions of blood is a close blast fear effect that deals psychic damage and imposes a -1 penalty to all defenses. Me likey.

Divine Distraction is an avenger feat that grants allies a +1 damage bonus when you are adjacent to your enmity target.

Fist of the Heaven is another avenger feat that imposes a -2 to your enmity target's saves.

Pacifist Healer lets you add 1d6 + Cha modifier to all healing, but you are stunned if you hit a bloodied enemy.


  1. I originally was not going to get this, but reading this now I really want it.

    My very first D&D character (Moldvay Basic) was a Cleric. My first AD&D character was a Paladin. I like playing divine types so this books for me is just as much part of my roots in D&D as say Spellcraft & Swordplay and other retro-clones/old school games are.


  2. Wow, that's a pretty cool list of stuff. In particular, I'm curious about this Pacifist Leader. It sounds pretty strange and interesting.

  3. I'm fascinated by Divine-power based characters in D&D. In real life I abhor zealots, while I'm somewhat envious of their willingness to abandon logic. So when I'm roleplaying, I enjoy putting on the mantle of faith, and letting fly with some holy justice. I'm looking forward to this book (on behalf of my battle cleric and my Drow paladin of the Raven Queen.)

  4. @Tim: I never played a cleric until 4E, and now leader is my favorite role, period. If I got a chance to actually play, it would be a cleric, warlord, or shaman.

    @Wyatt: My understanding is that its just a standard divine feat that gives you the bonus to every healing ability you use, period. The drawback is that you get stunned when you hit a bloodied enemy. So, it doesnt prevent you from ever going on the offensive, just after a certain point.

    @anarkeith: I have a lot of divine concepts that I want to play with, I just wish my group would run stuff. :-p I got a kenku paladin of the Raven Queen waiting to smite some infidels.

  5. My understanding with Divine Sanction was that it was only activated by powers that specifically mentioned it, and those always seemed to include a duration.


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