Beholder Collector's Set

I got this a quite awhile ago, but kept neglecting to post about it. It's a non-randomized quartet of beholders that not only comes in a badass box, but only runs $35. Oddly, at people are actually complaining about this price. If they think that's steep, perhaps they should scope out singles at eBay, where they only run $15-20 per individual mini. Strangely, some people are offering the entire box for only $20. Personally, I think the tag price is a bargain; it's cheap, you know what you're getting, and it comes with a staple beholder as well as a few new additions (though the sculpts are copied).

You get an eye of frost, ghost beholder, eye of shadow, and eye tyrant, and stat block cards for each.

I wish they offered a print for this...

The lamp I used for lighting makes it look like their eyes are glowing...I need a new camera. >_>


  1. I think I need more pictures because from what I see they look *terrible*. Google, I choose you!

  2. Here my unboxing of the set

  3. If anyone gas this and wants to sell it, pm me at


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