Random Character Flops

Almost two years ago, back when Dungeon Delve was released, a then friend of mine wanted to try running the level 30 delve to see what end-game was all about. I can't remember if the offline Character Builder was out of Beta at this time, but after spending an hour or so building my own party I decided to let the program have a crack at a character. The result was...terrifying; a waforged fighter, somehow multiclassed into both paladin and warlock. I think the warlock spells had like, +13 versus NADs. Calling it substandard would be a compliment: I've seen blind kobold wizards wearing full plate with an Intelligence of 6 in 3rd Edition that were more viable.

Having tinkered around with the online Character Builder, it sometimes did alright in picking elements for me once I'd started doing some of the leg work. As a simple exercise, I decided to give it a shot at calling the shots. What I got was a human  shielding swordmage with a Constitution of 11, Alchemist and Implement Focus (talenta sharrash) for feats, but a longsword for a weapon. To make matters worse, the encounter spell is fox's feint, which gets a kicker effect for having Aegis of Ensnarement. The only ability that makes sense is greenflame blade since it gave me a Strength of 14 (despite the fact that Aegis of Shielding is keyed to Constitution).

I find that it's pretty hard to make a 4th Edition character this shitty. You get no bonus to your marking class feature, a feat for a weapon you don't own, and a secondary stat that you weren't using in the first place. Unlike the older Builder, this wasn't generated all at once. No, you gotta go step by step through the ropes in order to gradually auto-build a character. While this is all pretty bad, mind you, this is only level one. I'm sure if I gave this thing 30 levels we could see some serious damage.

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