Thanks to the Essentials line (specifically Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms) there's two pages of errata listing changes made to various other books. A good chunk of it is for the races making re-appearances, but a few magic items and some rituals also get modification.

Much of the racial information is simply telling you about variable secondary modifiers, such as that dragonborn get to pick between Strength or Constitution, while tieflings can choose from Constitution or Intelligence now (hellooo star pact). A few races get extra attention; half-elves get opt out of dilettante for knack for success, which is a great alternative to a subpar at-will-turned-encounter power. On another note, drow can look forward to now having to pick between cloud of darkness or darkfire during character creation.

Other changes include divine challenge getting clarified and condensed to about half its former size, amulet of health sees its poison resistance reduced to twice its enhancement modifier, Brew Potion only makes common potions and elixirs, Disenchant Magic Item now provides different percentages of residuum depending on item rarity, etc.

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