Virtual Table Announcement

Invites are going out some time today for the "friends and family" beta for Virtual Table, with D&D Insider invitations being passed out at an undetermined point in the future (aka, "later"). There's a FAQ here, and a thread about it here. So far we've got this screen cap:

There are concerns about increased pricing, but given how long Character Builder was in Beta I wouldn't expect to see it tacked on for more than a few months. Hopefully it's not too much more, but given that I have a regular game it might be one of the few D&D things that I don't buy.

For cynical readers, here is a flying pig:


  1. This is unexpected!

    I doubt I would ever use it - it's all I can do to find the time to game once a week - but it's a promising little idea.

    Very cool!

    I'd expect integration with the online CB and MB will work by the time it hits the mainstream, or soon after. I'd have to imagine that's a major goal.

  2. Love the 3D virtual miniatures and the light source effects.

    ...oh, wait.

  3. So is this a new DDI adventure tool type of thing, or a stand alone product we will have to buy? Cause if it's the former, this will be the best thing to happen to my group in a long while. I cant tell you the amount of times we have had our DM out of town in some hotel where we cant game. We were thinking about getting a 3rd part one of these, but now we may not have too!

  4. Check out our video of the DDI Virtual Table at:


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