Monster Vault: Otyughs

Not merely an otyugh but a neo-otyugh, which is a psionically endowed super smelly crap-trap. Checking D&D Compendium, it looks like they'd never made it into 4th Edition until now.

I wonder why?

They're basically otyugh turned up to 11. Like otyughs, they have a stench aura, but these guys are Huge, have a threatening reach of four, deal a lot more damage with their tentacles (with a pull and grab), and instead of having a bite can make a "close blast 2 attack" (two ironically being an odd number in this case). If it bites you, you can also contract greater otyugh filth fever, which causes you to lose healing surges, take defense penalties, and eventually stop being able to heal at all.
Its only psionic ability is disgusting lure, which deals psychic damage and if you don't move closer to the otyugh you take more damage. Its immediate interrupt, body shield, is kind of a clever way to gain an extra attack in a roundabout way. If it has a creature grabbed, it can cause any type of attack to hit the creature instead.


  1. THIS is the beasty I have been waiting for :)

    There is something special about drowning a player in shit. Something...unforgettable.

  2. My 4E experience with them was thankfully favorable. We were playing Pyramid of Shadows when the fighter fell into a chute that lead right into one's waiting tentacles.
    I was playtesting a longtooth shifter barbarian, slid down after her and managed to crit it with avalanche strike using a battlecrazed bastard sword. While bloodied and after using longtooth shifting.

  3. Yay! Neo-otyughs were one of my favorite "classic" monsters. The first time I remember facing them was in the old "gold box" SSI game Curse of the Azure bonds. Otyughs and Neos are one of the first critters you run into in the sewers as you try to flee from the first city.

  4. @ Donny_the_DM:

    I really do hope you meant you relish drowning a -character- in shit. Drowning the player would probably be excessive.

    If you want to make it truly unforgettable, arrange for them to have spilled a Philtre of Love down the pit before sending them in after it. :D


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