Ghouls For Gamma World

I don't care for Fallout: New Vegas (or Fallout 3 for that matter). Liz does, however, so I end up getting to experience wandering through radioactive wastelands running errands for strangers by proxy. Via watching and/or listening I realized that there's a lot of good concepts and monsters that could work very well for Gamma World, so I decided to stat up a few iconic monsters from the game last night.

Starting with ghouls.

I couldn't get Adventure Tools to change natural to terrestrial, but it doesn't really matter. I couldn't make heads or tails if ghouls were humans that got super-radiated, or died from radiation and reanimated, though a Fallout wiki seems to indicate the latter.


  1. What's the trigger on the Roamer's Takedown attack?

  2. It's SUPPOSED to be when a creature adjacent to it shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include the roamer, but for some reason when I try to edit creatures AT removes random elements from random powers. -.-


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