Monster Vault: Purple Worm

I remember using purple worms as a basis for overworms when running Age of Worms (converted to 4th Edition of course). The result was a boring, drawn-out slugfest; despite being level 16 solo soldiers they could basically make all of two attacks on the third round, assuming they managed to bite, grab, and swallow someone. That's...well, there're standard monsters that can do stuff like that.

Let's Compare
The new purple worm is two levels lower, a brute, and actually lives up to its solo status. I'm just going to skip to the powers, since obviously hit points and defenses are going to be lower.

  • It has two traits, ponderous and blooded frenzy, which allow it to take immediate actions while stunned, dazed, or dominated, and grant an extra minor action while bloodied respectively.
  • Though lower level, its bite deals 10 more damage on average.
  • Swallow is replaced by devour whole, allowing it to eat you in one action instead of three. The attack deals 3d10 + 7 damage on average, and you take 10 more points of acid damage while swallowed.
  • Its also got several minor action attacks; fling deals 3d10 + 8 damage and slides the target quite a distance, poison stinger only deals 2d8 damage, but also lumps on ongoing 15 poison damage, and regurgitate lets it barf up a swallowed creature up to 4 squares away, and deal 3d10 + 8 damage.
  • Finally, thrash is an immediate reaction that triggers when it gets hit by any attack, targeting up to two creatures, and dealing 3d12 + 5 plus a 6 square push.

So, there you have it. With a Melee range of 3 for all of it's attacks and plenty of Minor Action options to boot, this guy is going to be slapping the entire party around. While not as resistant to lockdown conditions as say, a dragon, he can still reactively swat you and do some other nasty things in the process. They're much scarier now, even without some bullshit DC 25 Strength-draining poison attack.

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  1. Monster Vault is the book I'm waiting for the most. Everything I've seen about it has been great, just one really well conceived monster after another. It sounds like they're really learning from the flaws in the earlier monster books and tightening up the design.


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